FORG takes an active role in policy matters and advocacy on behalf of the industry. This is achieved by monitoring proposed legislation and regulations, as well as making submissions and advocating on behalf of industry where appropriate.

FORG makes submissions to inquiries or issues papers on critical issues that impact our industry and engages with governments and their respective relevant agencies. FORG also generates publications to push issues of concern to industry.

The group has been highly active in all facets of the rail freight and transport policy and regulatory reform agenda. FORG has been a leader in the national debate on the development of Infrastructure Australia’s 15 Year National infrastructure Plan and the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, changes to road pricing and investment reform and ensuring governments understand the importance and benefits of rail freight.

While the policy landscape is one that is constantly evolving, there are certain priority areas of focus for FORG over the coming 12 months and beyond. These policy and advocacy priorities are led by Working Groups which are made up of members of FORG and directly contribute to the work of group.

Working Groups

  • 25 Year National Rail Infrastructure Strategy 
  • Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment Reform
  • Coastal Shipping Reform 
  • Environmental Policy and Regulation
  • Technology and Innovation